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Delhi Based National Skills Development and Training Company

Listing Number:

  • 091-34-01-001

Asking Price:

  • INR 100,000,000

Education and Learning Adult Education
Delhi New Delhi

Business Details


  • Yes

Current Staff:

  • 50 Full-Time Salaried
  • 20 Part-Time Salaried


  • Not Applicable

Price Negotiable:

  • Yes, near offers will be considered

Agent's Comments

Currently operated from Delhi, this business could be based in any location in India. Established in 2014, it has a strong brand and is fully staffed and operational. There are 12 delivery centers (in 9 states) throughout the country and potential exists for more. The company provides skills development training and the resultant placement for many industries including automotive, IT, retail, healthcare, hospitality, banking and finance and more. Their success is evidenced by their 17,000+ students trained and 11,000+ placed in employment in its first few years of operation. Most of the training provided is government training scheme approved (DDUGKY, NULM, PMKVY, CSR). It has excellent cash-flow as most contracted training projects pay in advance. Financially, the company has grown 100% per annum for the last 3 years. Conservative projected revenue for 2018-19 is in the vicinity of Rs. 3.2 cr. A more detailed company brief is available to genuinely interested buyers who we expect will be existing skills development organisations, educational groups, manpower organisations or other industry related companies looking to strengthen their positions and/or expand their operations nationally.