Selling and Renting in Thailand with Asian Business Brokers (Indonesia)

Updated: 14 October 2022

The effects of the government’s response to the global pandemic have obviously had a significant impact upon buying and selling businesses, commercial property, business partnerships and land.  At the time of writing, there are signs of activity from both domestic and international buyers.

The following summarizes what a Seller should expect if they list to sell at this time:

  • Sale values are still quite low (less than half of what they were prior to the pandemic). If you set your asking price at anything more than what the business has proven it generated in NET PROFIT over the last 24 months it is unlikely we can find you a Buyer.
  • The time taken to find a Buyer and transfer a business is approximately 6 to 12 months (assuming the Listing is priced correctly, is viable and is in a ‘main’ location).
  • Buyers need to see business financials. Typically, they need to see the last three years trading profit and loss and the last three years balance sheets. If you don’t have them or are unwilling to supply them, you are pretty much wasting your time. Asian Business Brokers will NOT list your business for sale if you are unable to provide us with financials at the time of preparing your listing for sale.

To discuss selling your business, please contact us by email –, or call on +66 2 001 9847 during normal business hours.

Our listing conditions and rates of commission are described in our LISTINGS INFORMATION SHEET. We encourage you to read this document prior to contacting us.

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