Selling and Renting in Vietnam with Asian Business Brokers

We love helping people sell or rent.  On average, we list a new business or property every 26 hours!  We have many genuine buyers registered with us looking to buy businesses, business partnerships, commercial property and land right now.  Over the years, we have come to know many of these people personally and know what they are looking for, and can sometimes even match buyers with listings without even advertising.  Our number of followers is growing significantly each day as we have made ourselves well-known throughout Asia, and indeed the whole world.  Importantly, we do not sell or rent ‘residential’ properties – only businesses, business partnerships, commercial property and land.  We are a specialist ‘commercial’ real estate network.


Assuming your business or property is viable, you are realistic with price, and you are able to provide us accurate and necessary information and data to market and sell your listing, we think there is a very good chance we can sell/rent for you.  The time it takes to sell varies of course, some sell very quickly while others may take years.  For planning purposes, assuming your listing presents well and is priced sensibly, you should expect to sell in 3 to 9 months.  If your time-frame to sell is less than 1 month, it is most unlikely that we can help you.


Like ‘residential’ real estate agencies, we charge Sellers a commission for selling.  The similarity with our brothers and sisters in ‘residential’ real estate ends there though. The time, effort and money involved in finding commercial buyers and facilitating a transfer are significantly higher than those needed to find a buyer for your condo or house. Please do not confuse ‘residential’ real estate commission rates with ‘commercial’ real estate commission rates. Residential and commercial real estate are two very different industries and require significantly different skill sets and approaches in order to be successful. If you feel the need to entrust the sale of your commercial listing to a residential real estate agency, please understand that while the commission MAY be lower, there is a very real chance that that agency has neither the type of buyers you need in their database (or very few), nor the detailed knowledge of how to transfer commercial entities correctly.


The commission we charge is percentage-based on a sliding scale according to the selling price of the listing.   For businesses or property offered for rental only (no sale price), our fee is one months’ regular rent.  In all cases, there is a minimum commission of USD 3,100.  Our listing options, conditions and commission rates can be seen by downloading our LISTINGS OPTIONS INFORMATION SHEET


Depending upon the location of your listing and availability of our brokers, we will either meet in person to gather the information and data required, or you can complete a listing form (online, by email or by post) and return it to us with suitable photos, and appropriate supporting documents.


Before listing with Asian Business Brokers (or indeed any other broker or agent), we recommend you read our news article on ‘Preparing your Business for Sale‘.


We are not general Estate Agents so we also recommend you read our terms and conditions relating to listing for sale and/or rent with us before proceeding.  If you accept those terms and conditions, please contact us via this short questionnaire form.


Office Hours:

10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 1pm Saturday (+07:00 UTC)